How to Fight a Traffic Ticket


There are many reasons why one would want to fight a traffic ticket. Honestly speaking, a traffic ticket will cost you in a number of ways. In addition to the fines and fees, it is a reason that auto insurance rates go up,  or even worse, you could have your license suspended. On top of that, if you don’t pay your fine within the predetermined time frame, you could have a warrant for your arrest. These are all compelling reasons to want to fight your traffic ticket. That is why there is a process in place to help you fight a traffic ticket. If you know that you need an attorney for traffic tickets, call us at (317) 676-4747 or contact us now.

Know Your States Traffic Laws

Every state differs slightly in how their court systems handle speeding ticket cases. In the state of Indiana, you are able to sign the back of the ticket to accept or deny guilt of the traffic offense. This declares your desire to fight the ticket and sets up an official docket in the courts, which will give you a “day in court”. After mailing in your denial of guilt, you will be informed by mail of your court date.

Have a Traffic Ticket Defense Strategy in Place

Walking into court unprepared will rarely lead to success. Know your strategy beforehand, and be ready to argue it. Some popular legal strategies for fighting traffic or speeding tickets include:

  • Challenging the officer’s observations or conclusions
  • Establishing that you acted to avoid harm
  • Establishing legal justification
  • Establishing a mistake of fact

Hire an Indiana Traffic Defense Lawyer

Indiana traffic law is complex, complicated, with some serious implications to your way of life if you are found guilty. The complexity of the traffic laws leaves a large amount of room for interpretation. A traffic lawyer will help you fight your traffic or speeding ticket and will help you to design the best approach for your individual traffic ticket situation. Again, a traffic ticket conviction can have serious implications. With that in mind, it is generally in your best interest to fight the traffic ticket in court.  A traffic attorney may be able to negotiate an amendment of your charge, to enable you to plead guilty to a non-moving violation which will not appear on your driving record nor affect your insurance rates. At Gemma & Karimi, LLP we are Indiana traffic attorneys that will help protect your rights. Call our office at (317) 676-4747, we are here and ready to help.