What is Arson


What is arson? In short , arson is a serious crime of maliciously and intentionally setting fire to any building, vehicle, or other property. Although the act typically involves only buildings, the word arson can also mean the intentional burning of private property, such as automobiles, boats, or forest areas. It can also apply to a business or property owned by another individual or group. The damage caused by this crime can be significant, and in some instances it can even cause permanent or irreparable harm to a home or business. If you need help defending against arson charges, give us a call at (317) 676-4747 or email us today.


While the term fire is usually used to describe the burning and sometimes damaging, however, there are actually several types of fires that can be categorized as arson. In Indiana, arson is a crime of willfully and maliciously setting fire to or charring property. Though the act typically involves buildings, the term arson can also refer to the intentional burning of other things, such as motor vehicles, watercraft, or forests., or criminal negligence that results in someone causing a blaze in hopes of earning some kind of financial reward. This crime can take place on commercial or residential properties, or any other type of property that is considered public. This is not only illegal, but a serious offense. If you have been accused of arson, you should contact an experienced arson defense attorney immediately. The law office of Gemma & Karimi, LLP are here to help you fight against arson charges. Call our office at (317) 676-4747 or contact us.

Facts About Arson

In order to understand what is arson, it is important to know a few facts about arson. The most common definition of arson is intentionally starting a fire for the purpose of profit. It is estimated that as many as two million people commit arson each year, resulting in millions of dollars in property damage. Most of the fires that result from arson are started in the name of entertainment. The act is done to amuse someone, or even to get attention. Many arsonists will set fires simply to get attention, which will eventually lead to them stealing money or property in their attempts to garner some sort of response. It is rare that a criminal intentionally sets fire just for fun, and in most cases it is done out of boredom or a desire to be noticed.

Fire with the Intent of Harm

Another commonly known definition of arson is knowingly starting a fire with the intent of harming someone else. This is typically done in order to cause property damage, but it can also mean a fire intended to destroy a person’s health or even kill him. This is often the result of a person’s being frustrated by the inability to control a situation or to help someone in need. In many cases, arson victims have been found to be guilty of deliberately starting fires in order to be arrested and imprisoned, while others are prosecuted for murder or manslaughter.

While it may seem like an easy enough question to answer, what is arson is often a complicated process for a criminal defense lawyer. This is especially true if he or she is defending a client who has been accused of this serious crime. The reason why the crime is so difficult to prove is because the evidence used to convict someone of arson is typically unreliable. Fire experts state that arson can be difficult to find because it takes a long time to dry the scene of the fire, making it almost impossible to collect usable evidence. Because of this, it can take a long time to prove arson in court, even if it is indeed proved.

Seek an Arson Defense Attorney

Because arson is often difficult to prove, it is important that you seek legal counsel from a qualified and experienced arson defense attorney in order to get the best possible outcome in your case. While the defense process can be lengthy, a criminal defense lawyer can help you with the details surrounding the case so you know exactly what you need to present in court. Call our office at (317) 676-4747 for assistance right away!