"From start to finish, he was responsive, professional, and on top of it."
    You will not be disappointed.
    - Candice H,
    "A go-getter and is someone I will always be grateful to."
    My whole life could be completely different without your service!
    - Paul W.
    "Honest and true to his word."
    ery protective of his clients and truly makes you feel like everything is gonna be alright when things are at their darkest point.
    - Andrew P.
    "Of all of the attorneys I’ve hired, he’s hands down the best and a life saver."
    I’ve hired Ron Gemma four times and if it wasn’t for his legal expertise, I wouldn’t be where I am in life. He has literally saved me from many hardships. I plan on retaining him as my counselor for life because he is a great guy, knows t
    - Jonathan B.
    "Mr. Karimi is an excellent lawyer."
    Mr. Karimi is an excellent lawyer. He is very easy to talk to and you can tell he cares about what happens to his clients. I would recommend him to anyone needing legal help.
    - Garvin B.
    "I was fortunate to find Mr. Karimi by a friends suggestion, and I was blown away by his professionalism."
    I can not say enough good about this man! He managed to take a lot of unnecessary worry away, in the first conversation.
    - Wesley B.
    "Thank you Mr. Gemma!!!"
    I recently hired Ron Gemma for a couple cases one if which had a possibility of prison time. Not only did Mr. Gemma keep me from going to prison, he also made the court aware that my time was incorrect.
    - Natalie H.
    "Attorney Kevin Karimi helped to restore the lost peace in my household."
    Attorney Kevin will pick my call any time of the day, he will explain things and reassure me all will be well. He is compassionate and he is really affordable.
    - Nike A.
    "Kevin helped me out the whole way!"
    Kevin helped me out the whole way! He is very quick to respond or answer a phone call. Also whenever I had questions about things I didn't understand he was great at explaining it so it made sense which made me feel more comfortable during this difficult p
    - Keyta K.
    "I cannot stress enough that Ronald Gemma is the very best attorney I have ever had the pleasure of working with!"
    We were facing some very serious charges regarding a felony case that quite possibly could have ruined my life and stayed with me for the remainder of my years. Mr. Gemma was amazing from the beginning to the very end!
    - Stephanee B.
    "Ron Gemma is very professional, and he definitely works to help you out."
    Ron Gemma is very professional, and he definitely works to help you out. Does whatever he can to make sure you get the best outcome for yourself, and your case.
    - Cody W.
    "I view Ron as one of the best attorney's in the city of Indianapolis, IN."
    Ron will provide you the opportunity for the best possible legal outcome. Ron can help you with the quality of your life and to give you your life back!
    - Michelle R.
    "Kevin did everything I asked of him 100% I would definitely use him again if needed."
    After debating a plea I finally refused the plea and went to jury trial. On 06/23/21 we went to trail and Kevin and Ron was able to get me a not guilty verdict.
    - Jerry N.