Should I Get an Attorney for a First Time OWI in Indiana?


An OWI is a charge that you get if you are driving while drunk. It is an acronym that stands for operating while intoxicated.  When you drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, whether legal or illegal, you can get charged in court for an OWI. But should you get an attorney if you are arrested for suspicion of operating while intoxicated. If you have something to lose, you might need an OWI attorney to help. Indiana has very strict laws for OWI charges, but for first-time offenders, they might think that there might not be a need for a criminal defense attorney. But with your freedom on the line. We disagree. Call our office at (317) 676-4747.

Can an Attorney get an OWI Reduced?

If you do not want an OWI charge to affect your records, you might need to get a lawyer so that they can negotiate or try to get the cost dropped. A lousy record can affect your job, housing application, and many others.  The lawyer can help you in the following ways.

  • A plea bargain: in this case, the lawyer can help to negotiate with the prosecutor. This way, the prosecutor will offer you a reduced charge when you take a guilty plea. The attorney can also ask you to plead guilty of the charges with the stipulation that you can keep the OWI off your record. In many states, the OWI charge can get reduced if there is insufficient evidence.
  • Have the charge expunged: when you involve an attorney that handles OWI’s, they can help you get the charges expunged. This charge expunges most likely when you are a first time offender so that you can keep a clean record. You can also get this if you finish probation successfully. We are expungement attorneys and help clients with their criminal record expungements whenever possible.

How Likely is Jail Time for an OWI?

For the first time, OWI getting jail time is not very likely. It is possible for you or to get a strong defense so that you do not go to prison. However, if there is a felony DUI, then you might get jail time and possibly a hefty fine. Often, in lieu of jail time, the court might order you to do the following:

  • Complete a drunk driving education program
  • Enter drug and alcohol classes
  • Attend AA meetings
  • Probation, which might include taking random drug tests, probation fees, and much more.
  • Fines
  • Community service
  • Potential restitution or court costs

You should also note that you can minimum jail time if this is your first offense. Serious jail time can be if you drunk drive with a child in the vehicle, if you cause an accident that causes harm, or if your blood alcohol level is too high.

Should You Plead Guilty for Committing an OWI?

To plead guilty or not should depend on the severity of the charges you are facing. In some instances, you might want to keep your record clean, and pleading guilty might not be an option. If there is not enough sufficient evidence to support the OWI charges against you, it makes sense to involve an Indiana DUI attorney to help get the charges addressed. When you can involve a lawyer, you should do so immediately, so that your charges get dropped. Pleading guilty might also seem more comfortable for some people, especially first-time offenders because you will get a verdict, and possibly DUI probation a touch faster. You might get a fine, or the court may order you to attend an education program. However, repeat offenders might face considerable jail time if they plead guilty.

So. Should an Attorney Get Involved in Your First OWI?

It always makes sense to get an attorney involved when you are facing ANY criminal charges, OWI charges included. If you find that you have been arrested with the suspicion of committing an OWI, give our office a call at (317) 676-4747, we will be there and ready to help in your time of need.