What is a Sex Crime?


sex crime is a crime that involves sexual assault of having an unwanted sexual act towards another person. It is the subjecting of a person to unwanted or unplanned sexual activity.  It is further defined as having illegal or forced sexual conduct by a person to another person. It is a serious crime that is punishable by law. If you have been accused of a sex crime and you need a sex crime attorney, call our office at (317) 676-4747.

Sex Crimes are About Violence

Sex crimes are forms of sexual assault crimes generally arise when violence occurs during a sexual act by any of the sexual partners. One partner whose accord is not registered in the sexual act or when an individual engages in sexual activity with a legally incapable partner, such as a child, commits a sex crime.

Causes of Sex Crimes

For a sex offender to be involved in a sex crime, some triggers are associated with prompting the actions. The socioeconomics of the offender, anger, power, traits, moral standards, aggression, laws, and evolutionary burdens are associated with causes of sexual violence such as sexual harassment, stalking, incest, rape, and molestation.

Drugs and Alcohol

Drug abuse and alcohol are also another cause of sex crimes. A sex assault victim gets overpowered by a sex offender who consumed drugs or even alcohol. The drugs inhibit extra energy and power in the offender, and the assault victim becomes undermined by the offender. Sex offenders act violently when drunk since they do not consider themselves responsible for their acts.

Misunderstanding Trust

In the case of child sexual abuse, the perpetrator would have engaged the child in some form of sexual act. Child sexual abuse regularly occurs as repeated incidents that the perpetrator progressively increases the physical relationship with the child over time.  The grounds that harbor risk for a sex crime in children include unaccompanied children, physically disabled children, poverty, children in foster care, adopted children, stepchildren, war, single parent or broken families, and parents with mental illness. Often, this type of crime is the result of some sort of false reporting.

Use of Internet and Technology

Technology such as the internet and social media platforms pave the way for sex crimes to thrive. Sex offenders use the technology to possess or spread child pornography, production of child pornography, and other conspiracy crimes against a person. At the same time, sexual solicitations, where minors interact with adults for sexual purposes, are evident. Child pornography involves downloading or uploading content from file distribution sites.

Sexting is another activity that gets facilitated by the use of the internet. In sexting, people send photos of naked people or related pictures that get juveniles aroused and want to try what they watch. Sexting is another internet sex crime commonly perpetrated by sex offenders.

Have You Been Accused of a Sex Crime

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