The Difference Between Child Molestation and Sexual Assault


Often, people are puzzled concerning the distinctions between child molestation and sexual assault of a child. Both of them are plainly explained by the laws addressing sexually based offenses, and in this post, you will also find out exactly what they are and exactly how to see the very early warning signs of sexual assault and child molestation. If you are accused of a sexual assault or child molestation in Indiana, call and speak with a sex crime attorney at Gemma & Karimi, LLP at (317) 676-4747.

Sexual Assault

Women as well as children are most frequently affected by sexual abuse. Often, sexual abuse consists of sexual intercourse at a young age. So, even if the crime does not follow the definition specifically, if sexual touching was included or exploitation, the act will be treated equally as dangerous and devastating for the youngster. You can seek advice from a sexual assault attorney concerning your situation and determine if you should be concerned with being charged in a potentially life altering sexual assault case.

Touching Sexual Offenses:

  • Fondling
  • Making a child touch a grownup’s sex-related body organs
  • Penetrating a child with a penis or object (anus or vaginal canal)

Non-touching Sexual Offenses:

  • Indecent exhibitionism or exposure
  • Deliberately revealing a youngster to salacious indecent exposure
  • Exposing a child to intercourse intentionally
  • Subjecting a child to pornography of any type
  • Masturbating in front of a child

Suppose you believe that you are accused of any of the following sexually based offenses involving a child:

  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual abuse of a minor or ward
  • Purchase or sale of a child for sexual purposes
  • Child molestation
  • Exploitation of a child in a sexual manner
  • Sexual abuse that results in death

In that case, you must obtain a sex crimes lawyer and discuss what steps you need to take to protect your civil rights. Studies have shown that the longer you wait in a sex crimes case, the harder it becomes to discover the proof required for your case.

Child Molestation

While sexual abuse can occur across any ages, molestation is limited to children. Therefore, child molestation occurs when a youngster is obligated to:

  • Be touched in an unacceptable fashion
  • Perform oral sex
  • See an adult masturbate

Children are incredibly impacted by molestation. As a parent, it is crucial to know a child’s actions and notice even the smallest modifications. If your child tells you concerning their brand-new grown-up good friend, you need to act. But you should continue to be vigilant with all adults in a child’s life, specifically the ones in power position (loved ones, family members, school personnel). It is much less most likely for children to report the adults if they are familiar with them.

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